Security systems


CCTV Installation

LTCC have installed many CCTV systems in Qatar. We have always used the highest quality cameras and footage storage systems available to ensure that when you really need our systems they never let you down, with high resolution stills and footage. Thanks to our constant process of retraining and upgrading we stand alone when it comes to efficient and quick service inorder to ensure that only little effort is made to maintain the high standard which we have continue to set ourselves. As a part of our installation procedure, our CCTV technicians will also help to familiarise you with our easy to use and intuitive systems.


CCTV Maintenaince

To ensure that your CCTV system is always running at maximum efficiency LTCC employ round the clock maintenance specialists whose expertise is only just a phone call away. Customer can choose from 3 levels of maintenance cover to cater for all your needs, but regardless of the option that you take you will only need to make one call to our phone for the problem to be addressed. Most issues can be handled remotely, with our ever ready technicians able to assist you either over the phone or manually remedying the problem from one of our dedicated offices. LTCC also employ in house technicians who can be dispatched whenever you need them to handle the issue on site

Access Control Systems

LTCC’s commercial access control solutions can create a safer environment for your entire environment by allowing access only to authorised personnel, while also discouraging opportunistic theft. From multi-site systems controlled via one intutative Graphical User Interface (GUI) to simple one-door systems installed as part of your intruder alarm system LTCC’s experienced designers can guide you in selecting the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Easy To Use Electronic Locks and Access Control Systems

LTCC work with you to Select the best access control system for your entire environment whether you need to control access to Entire building or a single door. LTCC will also train you and your staff fully in the use of the access control equipment so you can manage your system easily. LTCC can also advise you on the best electronic locks for your entire needs and fully integrate them with your company’s access control equipments.

Ranging from concealed surface versions to electronic locks, our standard release strikes and electro-magnetic locks are compatible with all conventional intercom and access control systems.